Groups & Special


Want to celebrate a special occasion or relax and unwind with friends, family, or co-workers? We can help you create the perfect group outing. We have a multi-purpose room to ensure we can accommodate your group’s needs. Please provide 2-3 weeks advance notice. A deposit will be required. Call or visit today to book your event or package. Great for:


Gossip, Wine, & BFF Time

Approximately 2 hours. Includes:

  • Glam Express Mani
  • Glam Express Pedi
  • 30 min. Massage or 30 min. Facial

Go for the Glam

Approximately 2 and 1/2 hours. Includes:

  • Glam Deluxe Mani
  • Glam Deluxe Pedi
  • 60 min. Massage or 60 min. Facial

Feel Like a Woman

Approximately 3 hours. Includes:

  • Glam Deluxe Manicure
  • Glam Deluxe Pedicure
  • 30 min. Facial
  • 60 min. Massage

You’re My Sweetheart

Approximately 3 and 1/2 hours. Includes:

  • Glam Luxury Manicure
  • Glam Luxury Pedicure
  • 60 min. Facial
  • 60 min. Massage
  • Simple Makeup

Little Ms. Priss

12 and under. Approximately 1 and 1/2 hours. Includes:

  • Ms. Priss Mani
  • Ms. Priss Pedi
  • 30 min. Facial or 30 min. Massage
  • Simple Makeup

Our Price Table

Gossip, Wine &
BFF Time
Go for the
Feel Like a
You're My
Little Ms.